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  • Dhinchak Pooja came into the Bigg Boss house with a lot of promise, much fanfare and sensationalism, leading to an insecure feeling among some of the contestants. But her time in the Bigg Boss house was limited just about two weeks which isnt very surprising.While Pooja did entertain us with her songs, she hardly ever interacted with the other housemates, or got involved in any of the discussions.

    Hence, her eviction wasnt a sob fest like others simply because she wasnt really close friends with anyone except Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani. In her short stay, Pooja did not ruffle any feathers and was in everyones good books.

    In fact, Pooja had voluntarily nominated herself to save Arshi thinking that her numerous fans will save her but this didn&t happen. So does she regret her decision of nominating herself? &I dont regret having done anything. I dont think about the past. Its okay that I have got evicted. I did it for a friend. Arshi is inside, she will play her game. What I did was the right thing to do then,” said the cringe-pop sensation.

    She now plans to release three more songs that she conceptualised while in the Bigg Boss House.

    She furthered, “I feel bad that I couldnt stay inside for a longer time. People kept me in for as long as they wanted to. But I have been part of situations I would not normally come across and hence, have learnt a lot. It was a memorable experience for me," adding.Actually I took time to adjust. I was often getting negative vibes and I didnt like it. There were 15 housemates and all were playing their games, whereas I had gone to have fun. In the initial days, they were targeting me, bad mouthing me because I was new and wasnt giving them back. I had heard about the kind of people who enter the show. Im basically a strong person but I wanted to see for how long I can survive and spend time with such people.

    Talking about strong contenders who could probably win the show, Pooja named Hiten Tejwani, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan.

    “Hina tries to get involved in others’ matter so that she can be seen. Hiten also gets involved, he talks to everybody but at times he maintains a distance. Arshi is an entertainer but she’s fake. She is always in a character, for instance, she calls herself a naagin. She teases people and then says sorry. But she is fun and good at heart,” said Pooja.

    But Pooja is confused as far as Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde are concerned. Vikas and Shilpa, who have had conflict in their professional space outside the house few months back, have been making news for last few days with their bickering and fights, something that has sidelined the rest of the contestants.

    “It’s likely that both entered the show with an agenda. But I can’t understand because at times they are fine with each other and then they start fighting. Is it for content, or do they mean it? But, yes, it’s inhuman on Shilpa’s part to harass Vikas while he is eating or sleeping. But no doubt, Shilpa is an entertainer; she is very smart, whereas Vikas gets too emotional and then tries to play these mind games,” added Pooja.

    She may not have gotten the opportunity to get close to any contestant in just 15 days but she claims she will miss A-Cash aka Akash, who is also a rapper. 

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  • Aries

    कारोबारी साथी सहयोग प्रदान करेंगे। समय बहुत उत्तम है, सफलता मिलेगी कामकाज में आप उत्साहित रहेंगे। संतान की ओर से शुभ समाचार।


    कारोबार में लाभ के साथ उन्नाति के अवसर हैं। वैवाहिक जीवन सुखी रहेगा। घर का माहौल बढ़िया रहेगा। इच्छित यात्रा हो सकती है।


    झूठी उम्मीदों के सहारे ना रहें। दोस्त व सहयोगी धोखा दे सकता है। आर्थिक रुकावट आपको बुरी तरह उलझा सकती है। माता-पिता का सम्मान करें। सेहत का ख्याल रखें।


    दोस्त व सहयोगी आगे बढ़ कर साथ देंेगे। लंबी यात्राओं की संभावना है। जो लाभकारी रहेगी। आपकी योजनाएं एवं कामनाएं पूरी होने का समय है। मन प्रसन्ना रहेगा।


    समय उत्तम है, सब तरफ से अच्छी खबरें मिलेगी। प्रेम प्रसंग के मामले में सफलता मिल सकती है। व्यापार को बढ़ाने के नए प्रस्ताव मिल सकते है।


    तनाव की आशंका है। छोटा किन्तु घातक समय है। स्वास्थ्य गड़बड़ा सकता है। वाहन चलाने में सावधानी बरतें आर्थिक संकट बढ़ने के संकेत।


    आय बढ़ेगी। मनमाफिक कार्य होने से प्रसन्नाता। सामाजिक कार्यों में मान-सम्मान मिलेगा। पुराने मित्रों से मुलाकात होगी। जमीन जायदाद के सौदे हो सकते हैं।


    गुस्से व तनाव सेे बचें । आपकी आमदनी में बढ़ोतरी होगी। बचत करने की प्रवृत्ति बढ़ेगी। घर-परिवार में आपका विश्वास बढ़ेगा। धार्मिक प्रसंग हो सकता है।


    व्यवसायिक सम्पत्ति में बढ़ोत्तरी होगी। आज आप काफी व्यस्त रहेंगे। स्वभाव में ताजगी बनी रहेगी। स्वास्थ्य के प्रति थोड़ा सजग रहें।


    मन में उल्लास रहेगा। मित्रों व परिजनों के साधनों का लाभ मिलेगा। साझेदार अच्छे से साथ निभाएंगे। परिवार के लोग आपके तरफ आकर्षित रहेंगे।


    आपके निर्णय लेने की क्षमता बढ़ेगी। आपका अवचेतन मन जाग्रत होकर स्थितियों को अनुकूल कर देंगे। इस समय आप सही फैसले ले पाएंगे। मन शांत रहेगा।